Step 1 – Connect to the EduSTAR wireless network

Open wireless settings and connect to the eduSTAR network
When prompted for credentials, enter your Brighton credentials in the following format (without the quotes):

  • Username: “BSC\USERNAME” (eg BSCabc0123)
  • Password: Your Brighton password

Once connected complete step 2 Below;

Step 2 – Connecting to the Internet – Cyberhound Configuration

  1. Login to Cyberhound
    1. Go to the Cyberhound login page
    2. When prompted for credentials, use your Brighton username and password in the following format (without the quotes):
      • Username: “BSC\USERNAME” (eg BSCabc0123)
      • Password: Your Brighton password
  2. Download the certificate
    1. Visit the site certificate install page
    2. Follow the instructions on the page to download and install the certificate
  3. Restart your computer
Go to the software installs page

Click on the software you want and follow any instructions to install

Note that the above link only works while on college grounds.

Follow the instructions in this document: Accessing Microworks EX on a Mac. Note that the same instructions can work for the following programs:

  • Beetles 3
  • Graphmatica
  • MicroWorlds EX
  • Peppered Moths 3
  • Publisher 2013
  • Sibelius 7.5
  • Visio 2013
How to lodge a claim

  1. Firstly, check to make sure you purchased accidental damage protection with the device.
  2. You must identify that the device has sustained accidental damage.
  3. Call The Warranty Group on 1300 786 225. Select option 2 to explain the damage to a consultant and proceed with a claim.
  4. The Warranty Group will advise the excess due and will arrange for payment to be made. You will then receive a claim number to keep on file.
  5. JB Hi-Fi will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss the repair.
  6. Drop off the device to the IT office. The device will be repaired or replaced by JB Hi-Fi on-site.
  7. Check the TV outside the IT office (or check the Device Status page) to check the status of your repair.
  8. Once complete the you can collect the device from the school IT office.