ACER PAT Troubleshooting

System Minimum Requirement: Click HERE

Follow the simple troubleshooting steps below to quickly resolve some common problems, such as slow response times, display or functionality issues. These may work individually or in combination, so it is important to try all of the steps if problems persist.

  • Run the OARS browser exam on the student’s device to immediately identify possible causes of the problem.
  • Log out off ( and log in again.
  • Perform a ‘hard refresh’ of the browser.
    • Windows: CTRL + F5
    • Mac/Apple: CMD ⌘ + SHIFT + R
  • Clear browser cache, close the browser and re-open.
    • Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL
    • Mac/Apple: CMD ⌘ + SHIFT + DEL
    • Or open the browser Settings or Options menu and select Clear browsing data/history.
  • Enable cookies from the browser Settings or Options menu.
  • Load the page in a different web browser.
  • Load the page on a different device.
  • Shut down and restart the device.